DesignJet Installation

HP DesignJet Installation Service & User Training...

Assembly, installation and configuration may take you anything from a couple of hours to all day. Wouldn't you prefer to have your new HP DesignJet fully assembled, installed and configured by a professional DesignJet installer in around 1-2 hours?

Box arrives...Box arrives


Fully Assembled...Assembled

Configured & Calibrated...Calibrated

Ready to Print...Print

Our DesignJet installation service is a fast way to get you up and printing and ensuring great results in the shortest time. Our on-site DesignJet installation includes hands-on user training for you and your staff on issues such as correctly loading DesignJet media, installing DesignJet inks and replacing DesignJet printheads so you'll know exactly how to operate your new equipment and obtain the best results from your investment.

Additional features such as Email to Print, Scan to Email or Scan to Folder can be configured with some models.

Ask for details of our HP DesignJet Installation services.